The Food Artistry of Carl Franklin Jones

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Carving Classes

THE FOOD ARTISTRY of Carl Franklin Jones.

Do you want to learn how to carve fruit?

You will see watermelon carvings that are amazing and think 'how do they do that?"  The answer is ""it's MAGIC!!"  But, like a magic trick, YOU CAN LEARN

YES YOU CAN LEARN: Carl's teaching techniques helps his students learn much faster.  He teaches caterers, chef's, and people who love to entertain how to create beautiful fruit trays and amazing garnishes.  Building beautiful buffets is an art.  Carl also teaches classes on how to set up and create stunning food buffets.


Easy Food Garnishes
Fruit Carving for beginners
Fruit Carving for carvers wanting to improve skills.
Food Artistry Immersion Course (2 or 3 days) 6 hours per day.
Buffet Design
Plate Presentation
Building stunning trays

These classes are perfect for:
  • Caterers 
  • Hotel culinary staff
  • Culinary students wanting to increase their marketability
  • Garden Clubs
  • Team building exercise
  • Disabled Veterans 
  • People wanting to start a catering business.
  • People who love throwing parties
 Want to really impress your guests?  Learn to create works of art with food!


Prices vary depending upon the location; number of students, type and the duration of the classes.

Minimum price for a group class is 500.00, plus 30.00 per student, plus travel.
Additional classes are 200.00 minimum.
Private classes - price depends upon the location.  Contact Carl for details.

Travel Charges:
Nashville - 185.00 
Memphis -  95.00
Chattanooga - 375.00 (includes overnight hotel)
Knoxville - 395.00 (includes overnight hotel)
Outside of Tennessee - add airfare and accommodations.