Terms of Rental

Reservation Fee

a prepayment of $500 holds the date for your event.  Once we receive payment, we turn away other calls wanting the same date.  This Fee is non refundable.  The entire reservation fee is applied to the Rental Fee.


We cannot hold dates without Payment of the Reservation Fee.   

Act FAST!  Your favorite date may book at any moment.


  • Half the balance must be paid 60 days prior to the event, the final balance must be paid 30 days before the event.

Prepayments protect the venue from loss in case of default.  Therefore prepayments are non refundable.  Please be certain of your dates before booking!

Failure to make payments on time will result in default of this agreement and loss of pre-payments


Once we receive your reservation fee, we immediately begin turning away other inquiries for the date you reserved.   

Should you cancel, or default, we will offer the date to future inquiries at a discounted rate, in an attempt to recover the loss associated with your cancellation.  

The reservation fee is collected to protect the venue from losses due to cancellations and is Non-Refundable.  This why we ask you to be certain of the date before booking.


DO NOT USE THE FRONT DOORS FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING.  DO NO PARK ON OUR TILE ENTRANCE. Loading should only through the back door, opposite of Highland Ave.

Decorating will go much faster if using a professional or by creating centerpieces in advance rather than doing so last minute.

 You are responsible for damages due to the use of attachments that damage paint on the walls, pillars or ceiling.

Do not use glitter, glitter bombs, small bits of tinsel anywhere on the property.  These items are difficult to remove from the carpet and floors. Use of these items will result in the loss of Cleaning / Damage Deposit.

You are responsible for removing, boxes, packaging and all decorations, including the materials used to hang items. We are not responsible for storing items left from the event.


Premier Place is not child proof. There are possible dangers of injury to unattended children.    Children should not be allow run inside the venue and not be left unattended.  

We share a parking lot with another business.  There is continuous traffic in the parking lot.  Children must not be allowed to play in the parking lot without direct adult supervision.  You may be held personally liable for any injuries of your guests


Alcohol must not be sold without proper state licensing.  You may serve alcohol to your guests over 21, but you are responsible for their actions.  If you are having an event where the public is invited, you must have SECURITY present,

If you are having a public event, the Jackson Police Department may enter at any time without notice.  

Public Events with Alcohol Service requires Liability Insurance.  This can be acquired by contacting your homeowner's insurance agent.


You are responsible for maintaining the peace and quiet.  Keeping the doors closed at all times will greatly reduce any complaints.  Loud music from cars usually cause neighbors to complain to the police.  Continued noise will lead to the party being shut down early.  


All events are expected to follow local, state and federal laws.  Illegal activities will lead to the immediate termination of the event.

Clean up After Event

DO NOT USE THE FRONT DOORS FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING.  DO NO PARK ON OUR TILE ENTRANCE. Loading should only through the back door, opposite of Highland Ave.

We ask you to leave Premier Place in the same condition as you rented it. This includes safely removing decorations, tacks, wall hangers, clips., bottles, trash on the floors and removal of all trash from the property.  If excessive cleaning is required, part or all of the security deposit may be lost.

Parking Lot

Unfortunately, sometimes guests clean out their cars in the parking lot, leaving a mess..  You are responsible for cleaning up after inconsiderate guests.  We can arrange for parking lot clean up for $75.


We provide 3 garbage cans and 6 garbage bags.  If you are having a large party, you will likely need to bring additional garbage bags. 

Make sure garbage bags are at least 33 gallon and are strong enough to handle the weight of the trash.

We can arrange garbage collection for $75, if your caterer or event planner is unable to remove trash.  We provide vacuuming and normal janitorial services as part of our normal service.   However, excessive messes or damage will result in loss of security deposit.

Cleaning / Security Deposit

The Cleaning / Security Deposit is $300 and is refundable after the event, assuming there are no damages or excessive cleaning issues.

There is NO SMOKING inside the venue.  Smoking causes a stale smell that is difficult to remove.  Evidence of Smoking inside venue will lose entire deposit.  You may be billed for damages or burns in the carpet.

You are responsible for making sure the venue is protected from abuse and damage, and for assuring it is left secure.  

You are responsible the actions of your guests and vendors.

You are responsible for damages or any messes in the venue which create expense to the venue for repair or additional cleaning.    

You are financially responsible for expenses beyond the  amount of the cleaning / security deposit.

Reservation Information